Status of Research Infrastructure

Research Infrastructure
Life resource bank
Organization Functions and role
Life resource bank Department of Laboratory Medicine
  • - Manpower composition: 1 professor, 2 medical technologists, 10 operation committee members
  • - Specimen collection - Comprehensive collection of various specimens such as 5 major cancers, 10 rare cancers and intractable rare diseases
  • - Qualifications of the specimen: Specimen acquiring the patient's letter of consent in the form by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
  • - Collection and distribution of the specimen: Limited to specimens acquiring patient's consent according to the Bioethics and Safety Act - Distribution process by the consensus from the operation committee and approval from the bioethics committee
Department of Diagnostic Pathology
Department of clinical studies
Fundamental studies class
Gene Bank
Joint research infrastructure systems with Industry, universities, research institutes, hospitals
Purpose Functions and role
Division of Medical Science Research Affairs Creation of actual research result for the industrialization of medicine
- Construction of systematic domestic & foreign Industry, universities, research institutes, and hospitals cooperation system and efficient joint research through the opening of research resources
  • - Internal research related information and disclosure of information items: Performing regular survey on the need for internal joint research, external notice of the result, researcher patent list up-date and external notice, disclosure of researcher information, regular hosting of the Severance Patent Fair
  • - Connection of external institution needs: Adjustment of interests between internal and external researchers and performing research such as identifying external institution needs, connecting internal researchers and promoting meeting schedule, inducing joint research and industrialization, etc.
  • - Regular hosting of joint seminar for information sharing such as joint research space, facility, equipment operation plan, plan for securing resource for research cost, and the agreement for performing joint research
  • - Exchaning information on the mutual needs and possessed capabilities through internal and external researcher, technology user exchange and inducing collaboration
Research Facilities & Equipment
Medical Research Center 48 latest research equipments such as the FACS equipment, Ultrafast Laser System, Real-time PCR System, Pyrosequencing System, etc. possessed
Severance Integrative Research Institute for Cerebral & Cardiovascular Diseases 28 latest research equipments such as various imaging equipments including fluorescence spectrometer and confocal microscope and Real-time PCR System, etc. possessed
Clinical Trials Center 900 pyeong of Korea's largest clinical study exclusive space and hospitalized treatment facility secured (55 beds), and clinical medicine equipments such as the LC-MS-MS System and HPLC, etc. possessed. Korea's only automated glucose clamp possessed (For research related to insulin resistance)
Medical Technology and Quality Evaluation Center Designated as the official medical equipment test & inspection institution by the KFDA, and 26 latest research equipments such as the Constatnt temp & Humidity chamber possessed
Avison Biomedical Research Center
(Avison Biomedical Research Center)
High-tech research equipments such as the Korea's largest animal room, medical device development verification space and surgery room, electric physiology room, tissue pathology room, FACS, ultracentrifuge room, imaging center, radiation test room, BAS, and NGS analysis device, etc. are newly equipped
Yonsei-Carl Zeiss Advanced IMAGING CENTER Various latest imaging devices such as the Multi-Photon confocal microscope
Research equipment List